This thing put in the kitchen will turn black hair again, use these two ways

None of us want his hair to turn white at an early age. In this case, if you want to turn white hair black again, follow these tips.

Make the white hair black again

Adopt these two ways

This item found in the kitchen will do wonders

Pollution, toxic environment, unhealthy diet, rapidly changing lifestyle and chemical based products cause a lot of damage to our hair.  Which makes it seem lifeless and dry.  The biggest problem comes when white hair appears on the heads of young people between the ages of 25 and 30.  White hair causes them to shrink and have low confidence.  The only way to whiten white hair is to find it in your kitchen.

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Blacken hair with mustard seedsYou can use mustard seeds to make white hair black again.  Because this will nourish the hair from the roots.  It will also get rid of problems like hair loss, hair damage and dandruff.

Mustard seeds can work wonders for hair health.  Mustard seeds contain vitamin-A which helps in scalp nutrition and hair regeneration and boosts collagen.

Rye is very beneficial

 In addition, rye contains important nutrients such as protein, calcium, omega-3 and vitamin E.  Which works to strengthen the hair and bring back the blackness in it.  Vitamin E has anti-oxidant properties that inhibit free radical activities in the scalp.

 How to use mustard seeds?

 1. Use oil

Oil extracted from mustard seeds works as a medicine for hair health.  First heat the oil and then massage on the hair and scalp.  This will increase the blood circulation in the roots and the hair will gradually turn black.

2. Prepare a hair mask

First prepare the mustard seeds powder.  Now take a clean bowl and mix one teaspoon of mustard powder and one egg in it.  Now prepare a hair mask by mixing coconut and castor oil in it and apply it to the hair roots.  Finally wash the head with shampoo and clean water.


Before using it, always take the advice of Hair Expert so that you get proper guidance