Now you don’t have to go to e-dhara or e-gram center to get 7/12 and 8-A examples.

The most up-to-date status of details including necessary records related to land such as 7-12, 8-A, Sample 6 are useful to the people every time. For this the government has started an e-dhara center but there is always a queue to go there. 

With this, the revenue department has made available the certified copy of e-dhara online so that there is no need to go to e-dhara.  For this, the revenue department has started issuing a circular on the website

ચલણી નોટો માં જો આ 8 પ્રકારની ખામી હશે તો તે અનફિટ જાહેર થશે એક વાર અવશ્ય વાંચો RBI ના નવા નિયમો

Websites like Anyror are useful for viewing revenue records but the informatio downloaded from them is not standardized.  However, now on this website, the first thing that will be written is ‘Digitally Sign Ror’ on which you have to enter the mobile number as soon as you click on it. In this way, you have to login with the mobile number and enter the account number.

Official website: click here

Official Website i-ORA:Click Here

Payment will have to be made online after selecting all the required records.  After making the payment, a list of records will be requested. Click on Generate ROR to download the record and then print it out.  Below this print will be the e-signature of the Mamlatdar of that taluka as well as the e-seal.  Which will be considered as authentic as the copy extracted from e-dhara.