RBI’s new rule: Big order on currency notes, from now on such notes will be declared unfit

The Reserve Bank of India has made certain rules for identifying unfit notes.  The RBI has directed the banks to inspect the machine for separating unfit notes every three months.  The RBI has set a total of 10 criteria for segregation of notes.  Through which the bank will be able to identify the appropriate note.

The RBI has announced this rule so that clean and tidy notes can be identified and it will not be difficult to recycle them.  So let us know about their criteria by which it is possible to know which note is unfit.

This order given to the banks

Such a note will now be declared unfit

RBI announces new rule

Noto’s machine is being prepared

આ પણ વાંચો..

ચોમાસામાં આ ફળના બીજનું સેવન પેટ ભરીને કરી લેજો શરીરમાં ગમે તેવી જામી ગયેલી પથરી બહાર નીકળી જશે

The note separating machine is designed to properly identify unfit notes as per RBI rules.  Banks have been instructed to take good care of such machines.  This machine identifies notes, which can be converted into notes for recycling.  Let me tell you, unfit notes are the ones that are considered suitable for recycling.  Identifies such notes, which are of no use.

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This is how unfit notes will be identified

 If the note is very dirty and has a lot of dust in it, then the note will be considered unfit.

 If the note is often loose or loose due to being in the market for a long time, such note will also be unfit.

 Declaring the torn notes unfit even from the shore

 If the area of ​​Dog Years made in the note is considered unfit more than 100 square millimeters

 If the note has more than 8 square mm holes, it will be considered as unfit note

 Excessive stains and ticks or pen ink on the note will also declare the note unfit

 If the color of the note has faded, it should also be declared unfit

 Declare unfit even if there is something like tape or glue on the note

 If the color of the note changes, it should also be declared unfit