Consumption of this fruit in monsoon will remove the frozen stones

Purple tree is found everywhere in our country India.  Purple is seen in the markets as soon as the monsoon begins.  Jambu ripens with rain water which is very tasty to eat.  But Jambu is also very useful in terms of Ayurveda.  So we can also use it as medicine.

You can make jamba fruit, leaf and its root powder and consume it.  To make purple powder, combine the purple seeds and wash them evenly and then leave them to dry in the sun.  Peel a squash, grate it and squeeze the juice.

Before making purple pomegranate powder, cut it into small pieces to make it easier for you to powder it.  After making the powder, fill it in a glass bottle.  Now let’s learn about some of its benefits

Strengthens Digestive Power: As mentioned above, you can make purple powder at home Regular consumption of this powder eliminates digestive problems and strengthens the digestive power.

Hemorrhoids: Dry the inside of a few purple stalks and mango kernels to make a powder.  Taking this powder withlukewarm water or chaas cures the problem.  At the same time, if you extract the juice of the bark of the purple tree and mix it with 12 grams of honey and drink it daily in the morning and evening, the hemorrhoids will be cured and the blood will be cleansed.

To cure bloody hemorrhoids, mix 2 teaspoons of purple bark juice and 2 teaspoons of honey and drink it every morning and evening.  In addition, jaundice or jaundice can be cured by adding the same amount of Sindhav salt in purple juice.  If you have acne on your skin, you can get rid of acne by rubbing it on the acne.

Bleeding in the toilet: If you bleed while going to the toilet, you should take a purple foot.  There are many benefits to this.

Beneficial in stones: Having stones in the body is frightening for any man as the pain of stones is unbearable.  For those who suffer from kidney stones, this powder is no less than a blessing.  Take one teaspoon of purple powder every morning and evening to get rid of kidney stones and get relief.

અડસેન્સે આપૂવેલ મેળવવા આટલું કરો ..100% મળશે

Teeth become stronger: Let me tell you that purple leaves are very beneficial for making teeth strong and beautiful.  For this you need to collect the purple seeds and let them dry in the sun.  Then make it a PC and its powder.  Applying this powder on the teeth daily will also strengthen the teeth and gums and will also remove the yellowness of the teeth.

Diabetes: If the problem of diabetes has been hot for a long time, give one teaspoon of purple ground powder with lukewarm water every morning.  This will be very beneficial in diabetes.