This LED will give light for 6 hours even if there is no electricity

Inverter LED Bulb: There is a power problem in everyone’s home, often the power goes out and the inverter is not

charging, so now you don’t have to worry, now bring home this LED bulb will burn on purpose. Let us know the whole matter in the news given below.

(Bureau) Power cut is still a big problem in the country, but now you don’t have to worry. The light will keep on even if there is no electricity. Let us tell you that there is a very cheap range of rechargeable LED bulbs in the market, which keep burning for four-six hours even after the light is cut off. It is also called inverter LED bulb. It has a

 rechargeable battery, which automatically charges when the power is turned on. The cost of this LED bulb is also not high. Here are some of the best rechargeable bulbs

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philips rechargeable bulb

A Philips rechargeable bulb may be a good option for you. This inverter LED bulb comes in 9 and 12 watt options. It provides enough illumination. It gives off a cool bright light. The battery capacity of this bulb is 2200

 mAh. This LED bulb gives a backup of about 4 hours. It may take up to 8-10 hours for this bulb to fully charge its inbuilt battery. The build quality of this LED light is more solid than any other and comes with a 1-year

 warranty. It gives 100% brightness on power and 50% brightness on battery mode. This 12 watt rechargeable LED bulb costs Rs 579 on Amazon.

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Helonix Prime Rechargeable LED Bulb

Helonix Prime Inverter LED Bulb Light comes with 12Watt and delivers bright cool lighting. In this Helonix Rechargeable Emergency Light, you get 2600 mAh inbuilt battery, which gives 4 hours of continuous

 backup. This bulb comes with turbocharging so this LED light gets fully charged in 4 hours. This LED inverter bulb gives 100% output when power is available and 50-60% output when mains power is not available. The price of this rechargeable bulb on Amazon is Rs 579. The company is giving 1 year warranty on this product.

Wipro Garnet Emergency LED Bulb

You may also come across emergency LED bulbs from Indian manufacturer Wipro, which is available in 9W option. In this rechargeable, Inverter LED bulb, you get 2200 mAh inbuilt battery and 4 hours of

 backup. Wipro bulb gets fully charged in 8-10 hours. Also comes with overcharging and protection. This rechargeable LED bulb gives 100% output on mains power and 50% on battery. The cost of 2 packs of these Emergency LED Bulbs that come with 1 year warranty is Rs 799. The company is giving 1 year warranty on it.