Even if you run the AC all day the bill will be zero

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Everyone wants to stay in the cool air of AC in summer season. But running an AC consumes a lot of electricity, which makes paying the bills expensive. If you want to avoid expensive electricity bills caused by AC, then a strong alternative has come in the market in the form of solar AC. With this, you can enjoy the cool air without worrying about the electricity bill with just one time investment.

Solar AC works on energy generated from sunlight through solar panel. It gives you relief from electricity bill. Where as running regular AC consumes a lot of electricity. At the same time, its maintenance cost is also very high. In such a situation, you will have to pay a heavy price for cool air.
Solar AC has more power options than normal AC. Where regular AC works only on electricity. On the other hand, you can use solar AC in three ways, you can run it with solar power, solar battery bank and also electricity grid.
Solar panels are installed on the roof of the house for solar AC. Although the solar panel works only during the day, you also get a battery storage unit, with which you can use the excess electricity through the battery at night.
Although, solar AC costs more than normal AC, but after installing it, your electricity bill becomes zero. You can check its price from your nearest market. Apart from this, solar ac is also listed on some websites, from where you can buy it.
There are many benefits of installing solar AC. It does not use AC electricity, so you get rid of electricity bills. Whereas, it gets all the features you get in a regular AC like auto start mode, turbo cool mode, dry mode, sleep mode, on-off timer, auto clean, speed setting, lover step adjust and glow button on the remote.

What is Solar AC?

Solar Air Conditioner is also known as Solar AC, Solar Powered AC and Hybrid Solar Air Conditioner. Instead of being powered by grid electricity, these air conditioners operate on power generated by solar panels.
Solar air conditioners work in the same way as regular air conditioners but have more power options. An air conditioner is powered by grid electricity only, whereas solar air conditioner on the other hand has three power options – solar power, solar battery bank and grid electricity.
Solar air conditioners are becoming popular day by day. These are specially designed 5 star rated intelligent air conditioners that will help you reduce your carbon footprint as well as save money on utilities.

How Solar AC works?

The basic design and working principle of a solar air conditioner is very simple. Solar air conditioners are designed in such a way that they can draw power directly from solar panels.
Solar panels absorb sunlight and convert it into DC electricity (direct current). This generated electricity is used to power a solar air conditioning unit. The count of solar panels required depends on the rating, capacity of the solar ac.
Solar air conditioners can also be connected to solar batteries, allowing the extra power generated by the solar panels to be used at night or during power cuts. Such Solar ACs are known as “Solar Hybrid Air Conditioners”.

Solar AC Features

Solar air conditioner has all the features of normal ac like auto start, turbo cool mode, dry mode, sleep mode, on and off timer, auto clean, speed setting, louver step adjust, night glow button on remote.
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Benefits of Solar AC

Solar powered AC is best for places where the climate is hot. Or where grid based electricity is not available due to frequent power cuts. Meanwhile, a solar air conditioner has been designed to solve all these problems.
Hybrid air conditioners run on various alternative power sources. For example, when it is working on solar power, it saves grid power and reduces the electricity cost for the customer. These reduce grid power consumption by up to 100%.
Grid electricity is generated from fossil fuels, while solar systems reduce grid electricity demand and are low carbon. Its other benefits
It saves electricity bills.
Can work without electricity.
Work on both solar power and electricity grid.
Zero electricity bill and save up to 100%.
Complete app-based control.
low maintenance.
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Solar AC is the best option for residential areas as well as for commercial offices. It is capable of cooling the air temperature without using much power and has a longer life span. The best part is that it can work in low sunlight as well, which is quite effective in some parts of India. Hence it would be a wise idea to install a solar air conditioner or convert your existing air conditioner to solar.