Full Battery Charge Alarm Application

Hello friends, today we have brought a new information for Tamra. Khahuba is useful for every family. Nowadays, every home has a mobile phone. But people forget after charging the mobile. So the battery slowly swells or bursts and the battery life decreases.

Today we have brought an application that will give you an alarm while the phone is charging.

Full Battery Charge Alarm lets you know when your battery is fully charged🔋, so you can unplug your phone/tablet. Stop unnecessary charging, take care of your device, save power and electricity.✔️

New optional beta feature, low battery alarm/charge reminder (turn it on in settings first to use the feature), helps you charge your device on-time too!🔌

With configurable alarm options such as alarm ringtone, you can customize the alarm the way you want it to be.

Designed with simplicity in mind to make sure it’s simple for everyone to use.

Full Battery and Low Battery Alarm

With Charge Alarm – Full & Low Battery Alarm Clock, you can set alarms for full and low battery.

Check battery information

Check your battery temperature, voltage, health, technology, and capacity.

Check charging and discharging speed

Check your battery charging and discharging speed in mA.

Choose battery level

Make an alarm for preferred battery level (20%,40%, 50%, 80%,100%, etc)

Choose ringtone

Choose your favorite music as an alarm, so you don’t have to listen for that boring alarm

Fade in volume feature

With this feature, the alarm will start at a lower volume, so you won’t be startled when the alarm rings.

Download Application : Click here

How to use

Open the app, enable the alarm, change the settings if needed (ringtone, vibration, etc.), that’s it!