Disadvantages of drink cold water

Cold water is an easy way to relieve heat, but what you may not know is that cold water is very harmful to your health. Cold water does the most damage to the digestive system. So the digestive secretions get blocked and harm your body in the long run. Here are the reasons why you should not drink cold water.

Digestive system is affected. Experts say that cold water and cold beverages constrict your blood vessels. It affects the entire digestive system. The entire process of obtaining nutrients during digestion is hindered. Instead of focusing on digestion, your body focuses on maintaining body temperature. The normal body temperature is 37 degrees Celsius and colder water lowers your body temperature. So water as warm as room temperature is beneficial.

Throat problem Another reason for not drinking cold water is various throat problems. It causes phlegm in the throat and can lead to cold. Drinking cold water especially after a meal causes excessive phlegm. Which directly affects your respiratory system. Phlegm congestion in the respiratory system causes various infections. Difficulty in digesting fat from food Experts say that drinking cold water after a meal thickens the fat from food. So its digestion becomes difficult in the body and unnecessary fat accumulates in the body. So drinking cold water after meals should always be avoided.

Various studies have revealed that cold water can lower heart rate. Ice water stimulates the forehead veins. These veins are a major part of the nervous system and play an important role in digestion, respiration. It reduces the heart rate. Chilled water should never be taken after shock factor exercise. A glass of warm water after a workout is even healthier, says a gym expert. When you exercise, the body generates a lot of heat. After this, if you consume ice cold water, there is a discrepancy in the body temperature. Your body has difficulty adjusting to cold water. Cold water after a workout can cause stomach aches, as ice water shocks your body.