Ram Janmabhoomi Ayodhya 3D view

15 lakh lights were lit in Slam Janmabhoomi Ayodhya today. Head of the state
Narendra Modi and Uttar Pradesh Boss Pastor Yogi Adityanath were additionally
present in this Dipotsava celebration. In the interim, PM Modi performed Aarti
subsequent to adoring Saryu. He saw Slam Katha performed by laser show at
Smash Ki Paudi. This was trailed by a showcase of computerized firecrackers.
Prior, PM Modi visited Ramlalla. Ruler Rama coronated him by applying tilak.

Deepotsav was commended in Ayodhya today in which 15.76 lakh lights were lit
and a world record was made. At night after dusk the lights were lit. Saryu
Ghat and different ghats were illuminated with lights. Individuals were
lighting lights and taking selfies and photographs. A large number of
individuals assembled in Ayodhya today for Deepotsav. The entire of Ayodhya
became Rammay today. Astounding laser show and 3D lighting show were seen by

In excess of 22 thousand workers introduced lights on 37 ghats including Saryu
ghat. Blocks of 16 lights each were made to make the Dipotsava excellent. A
worker lit 85 to 90 lights. Ayodhya’s Saryu Ghat was illuminated with 15 lakh
lights during the Dipotsava celebration.

Another record of lighting 15 lakh lights has been made in Ayodhya. When the
light was lit, Ramlalla Sankool was illuminated. Notwithstanding, 50 lakh
lights have been lit all through Ayodhya. With which the entire city has
illuminated. Great many individuals were available in Ramnagari.

Ruler Slam’s parade began in Ayodhya

Prior, a parade of Master Smash was held in Ayodhya. In this parade, Shriram,
Lakshmana, Sita, Hanuman, Master Shriram came to Ayodhya riding in a chariot.
Boss Pastor Yogi Adityanath and the Lead representative presented to Master
Slam’s chariot. Master Slam came to Sriramkatha Park. In the mean time,
pioneers including Lead representative Anandiben Patel, Boss Clergyman Yogi
Adityanath were available.