Make Gold from sim card

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Hello friends, today we have brought information for you, from which you can
earn a lot of money. Nowadays everyone uses Mobile, Sim is used in it. Most
people throw that Sim, but after knowing you, instead of throwing it, they
started collecting it, let’s know.

Gadget Desk. When the mobile sim becomes old, then network problems start
coming in it. In such a situation, the user takes a new SIM and throws away
the old one. Apart from replacing the old sim, there can be other reasons as
well. Now just think, if you come to know that gold is hidden in the SIM, will
you still do the same? Yes, it may sound strange, but these days a video is
going viral in which it is being claimed that gold can be extracted from the
SIM. We are going to show you the same video. Many people are withdrawing gold
from old sim. Its videos will also be seen on social media.

That’s why there is gold in the sim.

The SIM card used in mobile is coated with gold. On this, jewelery expert
Jitendra Soni says that gold does not get scratched easily. Users removes and
inserts the SIM from the mobile several times. Being gold coated, it does not
get scratched and it works properly. Also, gold has the highest conductivity.
The conductivity of silver is also high, but it is also oxidized. Gold is used
in sims despite being expensive because of this.
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Material used in the process of extracting gold from SIM: –
– Mobile Sim (60g)
– gas burner and frypan
– paint brush and small spatula
– Wicker and Lid (glass jar)
– head gloves
– hydrochloric acid
– nitric acid
– Stannous chloride
– ammonium thiocyanate
– sodium metabisulfite
– Borax Powder

Process to withdraw gold from sim: –

To make gold from sim, the user will need more and more sims. Keep in mind
that the more sims, the more gold you will get. Reject and Destroy sims can
also be purchased online. First of all, put all the sim (60 grams) in a frypan
and heat it on high flame by wearing gloves in your hands. They have to be
heated until the plastic in the SIM is completely burnt to ashes. The user can
also fire the sim from above. When the sim is completely burnt, then turn off
the gas and cool the material.
Note: The video of how to make gold from sim is on the last slide.