If you want cooling from AC, tie these 9 essentials

If you want cooling from AC, tie these 9 essentials Make sure the AC is running on ‘Total Mode’Existing modern ACs are available with multiple cooling modes like cool, dry, hot, fan and others. If you want good cooling, make sure your AC is running in total mode.

If you want cooling from AC, tie these 9 essentials

Clean the filter every two weeks

Dust and debris in the filter affect the cooling capacity. Make sure the AC filters are clean. The filter should be cleaned every two weeks for good airflow and cooling. Make sure there is no dust or debris in the filter vent to ensure an even air flow.

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air should not leave the room

It is advisable to keep the room clean so that cool air remains in the room. Make sure the doors and windows of the room are properly closed. And repeatedly opening and closing the doors should be avoided.

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Direct sunlight affects AC cooling

If your room is exposed to direct sunlight then it can be difficult for the AC to cool your room. And for best results tear down the window curtains so that direct sunlight does not enter the room, so that the sunlight does not enter the room directly.

AC capacity is as important as room size

If your room is not cooling properly, the capacity of another car may be less than your AC. If the size of the room is larger than the AC capacity, you may not get proper cooling. Depending on the size of the room, the AC capacity should be: 100 sq. ft. = 1-ton; 150 sq ft = 1.5-ton and 200 sq ft: 2-ton.

How many people are in the room also affects the coolness

The cooling capacity of an AC depends on the size of the room and the area it covers. There is also another factor, which affects the cooling capacity, and that is how many people are present in the room. If there are more people in the room then you will get less cooling.

Keep outdoor unit away from direct sunlight

This is for Split AC. During summer, the effect of direct sunlight on the outdoor unit of AC is also seen on the cooling. Therefore, ensure that the outdoor unit does not receive direct sunlight, and if it does, a suitable shade is provided.

Be careful not to obstruct air flow to the outdoor unit

Always keep the area or airflow of the AC outdoor unit clean, so that the airflow can completely flow into the outdoor unit. Avoid placing any large objects outside the outdoor unit so as not to obstruct air flow.

Regular service is important for effective cooling

For good cooling, it is very important that the AC service is on time. And timely service ensures that the AC is in the best condition and can provide good cooling.