If there is a peak on the temple in the house there may be damage

If you have seen wooden or marble temple in your pooja houses. You will have such a temple in your own home. But do you know that it is forbidden according to the scriptures to make a dome or peak in the temples built in the pujaghar. Know special things about Ghar Mandir.

According to Shastra, the temples kept inside the pujaghar should not have a dome or peak. Because in the temples where the dome or shikhar is built, it is inevitable to put a kalash or dhaja on the dome or shikhar. In our Vedic tradition the kalash or dhaja of our temples must be under the open sky. If there is a roof over the kalash or dhaja of the temple, it is forbidden according to the scriptures.
According to Vedic tradition nothing should be higher than Kalash or Dhaja. So the premises of our ancient temples were very large and the temple was built right in the center of the premises. This is because in the Vedic tradition, as long as the Kalash or Dhaja of the temple is visible, the area comes under Dharmakshetra.
It is believed that the divine influence is more active in this area. According to Sanatan Dharma, if only the dhaja of a temple is visited and prostrated, then one gets as much merit as going to the temple. Hence, if a house of worship is built, then it is forbidden to put a Dhaja on temples or domes, shikhara or kalash.
According to Vastu Shastra, the place of worship in the house is very important. Mistakes associated with a home made temple can cause major damage. Idol worship has a special importance in Hinduism. Which idol to keep in the house and in which direction is decided according to Vastu. According to Vastu, if you want to install a Shivlinga at home, you should keep an idol of the Shiva family, not the Shivlinga alone.
It is considered auspicious to place an idol or photo of the Shiva family in the home for all kinds of happiness, prosperity and peace. No idol or photo of the Lord should be kept in the house temple which is in the posture of war or shows the raudra form of the Lord. Let us know what things should be kept in mind while building a temple at home.
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The place where the pooja is performed while sitting should also be slightly higher than the ground and the pooja should not be performed without placing the seat. The best direction for a pooja house is North. That is, the place of worship should be made in the north-east direction. A pooja house built against the principles of Vastu can cause problems.