Honda Activa now come in electric version – know the price and features

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Keeping in mind the growing electric vehicle segment in India, Honda is all set to enter the Indian electric scooter segment with its brand new Honda Activa electric scooter. In fact, in an interview with photo news site ET Auto, Honda Motorcycle & Scooter India President Atsushi Ogata has confirmed the commencement of HMSI EV production in the country. Honda has also set up a Honda Power Energy Pvt Ltd in Bengaluru. It is reported that the Honda Activa electric scooter may be launched in India next year i.e. in the year 2024.

According to media reports, the top speed of the electric version of Activa will be 50 kmph. Which will be less than the current electric scooters of big players. Activa will be transplanted as per the requirement. It is being said that while entering this segment, Honda is also taking care that it does not affect its brand value.
Electric technology is now new in the country. Because of this, big players are a bit hesitant to enter this segment. So, due to new technology, many rupees are being spent on R&D as well. According to media reports, the Electric Activa will be equipped with a safe and advanced battery. Due to which there will be a danger of fire incident. EV technology is new and requires a lot of testing to determine if everything works perfectly, safely. The Activa Electric will feature a unique battery setup. Due to which the risk of incidents like fire due to mismanagement will be reduced.

Honda Activa Electric will be launched in India

It is clear from the report that Honda will enter the electric scooter segment in India with its most popular model Honda Activa. The petrol variant of the Honda Activa is very popular in India. Also, according to some media reports, the Honda Activa electric scooter may come with battery swapping technology. With the help of this technology, consumers will have the option of replacing the discharged battery with a charged battery at swap stations and charging the battery at home. We have seen this type of technology in the Bounce Infinity E-1 launched some time back.

What is swappable table battery technology?

If you are wondering what is battery swapping, then let us tell you that it relieves the consumers from the hassle of repeatedly charging the vehicle’s battery. Users can keep a spare battery in addition to the battery provided in their electric vehicle and can easily replace the battery of the electric scooter when needed. Usually, the battery of any electric vehicle takes a few hours to charge, so battery swapping is considered a very good option.

Challenge will be for Honda Activa Electric

The Honda Activa Electric is all set to compete with other electric scooters already available in the Indian electric scooter market. The company will have to go beyond vehicles like the Ola S-1, Bajaj Chetak and Hero Electric. Also, in the coming time, Honda can give more information about Activa Electric to compete with other automobile giants. According to the report, the price of Honda Activa electric scooter can be around 1.10 lakhs.
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Know the price and features of Activa Electric

Talking about the features of this electric two-wheeler from Honda, it can get strong features like flat seat, indicator mounted front apron, silver color rail with removable battery under the seat. These scooters can be offered with different designs and affordable price. This scooter can compete with Ather 450X and TVS iQube Simple Energy One. The price of this scooter can range from around Rs 1.10 lakh to Rs 1.50 lakh.