Heavy rain forecast in Gujarat 2023

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Heavy rain forecast in Gujarat – Orange Alert  Meghraj has batted
vigorously in Gujarat today amidst the forecast of torrential rain from the
Meteorological Department. In which today Meghraj destroyed South Gujarat and

Rain forecast for the next 5 days in the state (Gujarat)

Today in the state of Saurashtra and in Gujarat, Megharaja created a ruckus

Some houses and fields were flooded and some villages were turned into bats

In Gujarat, Saurashtra and South Gujarat, Meghraj has called Dhadabdaati.

The Meteorological Department has predicted rain in the state for the next
five days. Due to heavy rains in some parts of the state today, low-lying
areas were flooded. At some places, due to heavy rains, houses and fields have
been flooded. So somewhere the whole village has turned into bats

Rain forecast in areas including Bhavnagar, Surat, Bharuch, Junagadh on
June 7

Meteorological department has predicted rain with heavy wind for the next 5
days in Gujarat. As a result of which there has been a reversal in most areas
of the state since early this morning. According to the Meteorological
Department in the state, there may be heavy rain from next 7 to 11 June. A
cyclonic circulation will form in the south-east Arabian Sea on June 5. This
storm has been named Biporjoy. Due to which cyclonic circulation may become
low pressure around June 7. Due to which there is a possibility of heavy rain
from 7th to 11th June with storm.

Rain forecast 

Cyclone Biporjoy is moving towards Gujarat. But the relief news is that this
storm will not hit the sea of Gujarat. Byporjoy cyclone will fly towards
Pakistan. This cyclone will pass over Gujarat on June 10 and will hit Pakistan
on June 12. Although the effect of this storm will be seen in Gujarat. Under
its effect, rain will be seen in Gujarat. North Gujarat: The climate of
Saurashtra will change. Along with this, fishermen have been instructed not to
venture into the sea on this day.

On Jun 12, there will be rain with Biporjoy cyclone

A cyclonic system is about to form in the Arabian Sea. This cyclonic system
has been named Biporjoy. The initial direction of the storm is likely to be
towards Mumbai and Ratnagiri. The cyclone is likely to make landfall near the
Gujarat coast around June 13. Saurashtra may receive rain with strong winds on
June 13. There is a danger of storm on the coast of Gujarat from 13 to 14
June. If the storm finally dissipates, it may move towards Karachi, Pakistan.
There may be heavy rains in Saurashtra and coastal areas on June 12, 13 and
14. Along with this, there is also a possibility of wind blowing at a speed of
50 to 100 km along the coast.

વરસાદ ની આગાહી લાઈવ લોકેશન જોવા અહીં ક્લીક કરો 

There has been heavy rain in Gir Somnath. Sutrapad has received 11 inches of
rain. The Lodhwa and Prasanwada rural areas of Gir Somnath have been turned
into bats. The low-lying areas of Kodinar have also been flooded. The fields
of Sutrapad cult have also been flooded. The villages in the coastal region
received rain accompanied by thunder. Roads were flooded in Sutrapada and
Kodinar. It has rained 10 inches in 10 hours since morning. Most of the
villages and state roads have been flooded.