Copy photo from your gallery to clipboard with these apps

 Simple task, help you copy photo from your gallery to clipboard.You can use Google Keyboard to paste images to other apps that support pasting. Please download Gboard – Google Keyboard to work with this app

The purpose of implementing this is to copy-paste multiple photos into a story.As a workaround Android doesn’t allow you to add multiple photos to a story.

Adds a “Copy Link to Clipboard” option to the Browser Preferences menu and the Share menu. After selecting “Copy Link to Clipboard”, the URL will be copied to the clipboard and displayed briefly without leaving your previous application.

This app is ideal for those who want to see what’s behind the link without having to go to the URL or leave the current application.

Noizz Video Editor App Download: Click Here

2. Viewing websites in Incognito mode. There’s no way to directly open the browser in private browsing mode, so an app that provides a way to copy the link target is the best I can do.


The application starts only when launched by the user. After the link is copied to the clipboard and displayed in the notification, the application closes. The app doesn’t do anything else (there isn’t even a launcher icon; the app only shows up in the “Open with browser” and “Share link” menus).