Best Old Lagaan Geet Collection in Gujarati

 A mother lode of Lagna geet from old wedding tunes Merraige Invitatoin to Vidai all Songs Collection.

Hi, companions, we have brought another data for you, the wedding season will begin soon. Be that as it may, these days individuals fail to remember the old wedding tunes. We present to you a gold mine of old marriage melodies, with the assistance of which we can keep our old culture and legacy alive.

To safeguard and keep up with our way of life, we have gotten you an application which there is an assortment of Gujarati Marriage Tunes/Lagaan Geet and Fatana, which you will find helpful anyplace, alongside a YouTube interface, so you can listen anyplace.

In the event that you like our drive to safeguard this culture and legacy, share it on the entirety of your WhatsApp gatherings, Facebook to give us a lift.

Gujarati culture is exceptionally popular for its conventional marriage. In which they ‘Lagna Geet’. Praises each second together.

We make an application for you to know Gujarati Melodies, particularly Gujarati Marriage Tunes, Gujarati Lagngeet tunes.

Gujarati Lagngeet/Gujarati Marriage Tunes application has an incredible assortment of Gujarati marriage melodies.

Gujarati Wedding Tune | Gujarati Wedding Melodies application has an incredible assortment of Gujarati wedding melodies as ‘Gujarati Wedding Melodies’.

Gujaratis are generally famous for their specialty and their way of life.

He is well known for some things however among them “Lagna Geet” is the most famous and gladly devoted to our Sanskrit.

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Application Key Highlights:

📯 Basic and easy to use

📯 Tunes for all ‘Customs’ remembered for the application

📯 Disconnected Mode/Offine Mode

📯 Gujarati language for all melodies

📯 80+ Lagan melodies (tunes) in Gujarati textual style

📯 Little application size

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Utilizing this application you can without much of a stretch convey various wedding tunes in your pocket and effectively read Gujarati wedding melodies in Gujarati whenever anyplace.