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A milk pitcher was seen.

Every 15 minutes he puts the Coldrinkni bottle on his face and then throws it away.

Pappu who was sitting next to him got angry.

He picked up the bottle and emptied the entire bottle in one go.

And cleverly said:

“Py a cold drink like this, aunty”

Dohi: Son, who told you that there was cold drink in the bottle.

I was spitting leaves in it.


Ramu: If two girls propose to you, who will you marry?

Shyamu: I will make both of them wrestle and marry the one who loses.

Why is Ramu going to lose?

Shyamu: Because after marriage he will hit me less.


The husband was walking in the market holding his wife’s hand.

Then his friend said: Man, it has been so many years since your marriage to your wife

Seeing your love made my heart happy.

Husband: Oh no man, just letting go of her hand

He is holding it because he is going to enter a shop.


When you feel that your mother loves you very much.

So the oiled hands, right in front of them

Look at Louie with the curtain.


The fight between husband and wife was going on.

Husband: I am not afraid of you.

Wife: What are you afraid of?

When they came to see me, they brought 5-6 people

And at the time of marriage, they brought 250 people.

Speak, came or not?

Husband: Yes

Wife: Then, I see how brave.

Married and came alone

I live alone with you and you go back.


The girl went to see pappu for marriage

Girl: Listen we don’t like boys

Then Pappu’s father said:

Pappu’s Dad: We don’t like boys either

What should we do now to get kicked out of the house?


House: Are you listening to me?

The boy in this marriage is always right and

Why does the girl always sit on the left ???

Husband: Income in profit and loss account is always on the right side and

Expenses are always written on the left.


Owner’s wife: Why did you come to the bathroom when you knew I had taken a bath?

Servant : Sorry madam, I thought it was Shantabai.

Owner’s Wife : Well I am worse than Shantabai now.

(Note: No one understands women.)


A boy was having dinner with his girlfriend.

After a wonderful dinner, he was talking lovingly with his girlfriend

There he opened his girlfriend’s bag.

Seeing a photo of a boy in a bag, he became sad and

He asked his girlfriend: So this is your boyfriend?

Girl: No man, this is my picture before surgery.


Husband was eating.

Husband: Today’s food seems to have been prepared by your mother.

Wife: How did you know?

Husband: Black hair used to come out every day while eating, today white hair came out.

Best Funny Image App in 2022

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