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Aadhaar card can be changed only 2 times How many times can name, date of birth and other information be changed? what do you know

Aadhaar card can be updated both online and offline. There are certain rules for that. Because some information you can update frequently, while some information is limited to update.

Aadhar Card Update: Many times, while creating Aadhaar, a lot of information is entered incorrectly or left incomplete. This causes problem while using Aadhaar card later. It is very important that all the Aadhaar information is correct. Aadhaar card issuing organization UIDAI provides facility to update name, date of birth, address, mobile number, gender etc. in Aadhaar card. But, here it is important to know that you cannot update every information frequently.

Aadhaar card is different from other documents as it contains biometric information of citizens. Due to the increasing utility of Aadhaar it is very important to keep it updated. So, if any information is entered incorrectly in your Aadhaar too, correct it immediately. Also check all the details carefully so that all errors can be corrected at once.

Aadhaar name Can change 2 times

If there is any mistake in the spelling of the name in the Aadhaar card or if women want to change their surname after marriage, they can do so. Name can be changed in both online or offline mode. You can update name in Aadhaar card only twice.

Aadhaar Gender will change 1 time

While generating many Aadhaar cards, caste is entered incorrectly. It can be changed as per UIDAI rules. You will get only one chance to update gender in Aadhaar card.

Date of birth can be changed 1 time

If wrong date of birth is entered in Aadhaar card, it can be updated only once. No changes can be made after this. So select the date very carefully.

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Change this information at any time

You can frequently update your home address, email id, mobile number, photo, finger print and retina scan in Aadhaar. No limit is set for updating them.