A village where everyone has an airplane at home

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Everyone in this village has their own plane, they even take a plane to have breakfast! Know where is this village?

Bringing a plane to this village is like bringing a car. That is why the houses built here are also designed in such a way that planes can be easily parked in them.

When the plane passes through the sky, the children come out of the house to watch it. Actually, airplane is a very unique vehicle for everyone in our country. A large part of the country’s population has not even sat on a plane till date. That is why traveling by plane is considered very difficult here.

In such a situation, if someone buys a plane, it is a big deal. But, did you know that there is one place in the world where traveling by plane is so common that people have their own airplanes. Yes, you might not believe it, but most people in a country village in the world own a plane. Here people do their daily work from the plane and the plane stands outside the house like a car.

Planes run on the roads that cars run on

There are airplanes standing outside every house here. Bringing a plane here is like bringing a car. That is why the houses built here are also designed in such a way that planes can be easily parked in them. From this you can guess what the environment of that village will be like, because planes run on the roads where cars run.

More than half of the homes have built-in hangers

Spruce Creek is a village in Florida. This village is also called Residential Airpark. According to media reports, about 5,000 people live here and there are 1,300 houses. Around 700 houses in this village have hangars. The place where the plane stands is called hangar. Here instead of building garages for cars, people build hangars in their homes and park their planes there. There is a runway a short distance from the village for planes to take off.

People go by plane even to have breakfast

Most of the people living in the village are professional pilots. That’s why having a plane is normal. Apart from this, doctors, lawyers etc live in the village. These people are also fond of owning a plane. People here love planes so much that every Saturday morning they gather at the runway and go to the nearest airport and have breakfast there. These people call it the Saturday Morning Gaggle.

People have to keep planes in many places

However, Spruce Creek is not the only place in America where airplanes are common. Arizona, Colorado, Florida, Texas, Washington and California also have many such villages or communities where people have their own planes. There are over 600 fly-in communities, of which Spruce Creek is the largest fly-in community.